The Barrel

            The Barrel                                                 By Gloria Cameron aka IB

In the corner of the bedroom a stands an ornament,
A cylinder house for my Christmas tree,
Assorted goods for trade, a seaman’s cargo,
Graced her belly before she had me,

Still you would not know her, if you saw her,
For she stands taller than her mere four feet,
Dressed in chintz floral cotton garment,
She is as lovely as can be.

One can see her head but not too clearly,
For it bears a mid-size picture tube,
Like a native woman under her fruit basket,
Though never setting it down to breathe,

She is a cousin to the rosewood nightstand,
A kin to the decor family, 
This disguised cylinder fixture,
The room’s most important piece,

Allrights reserved (c) 2009

Sound World Publishing LLC

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