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I am a classically trained singer, songwriter, educator and lyricist. I write in genres such as Jazz, Blues, Pop, Slow Rock and Reggae. I play both guitar and piano. I have a Bachelors Degree in Music and Education, and a Masters Degree in Urban Studies. I also love to write poem and short stories Many of which I have posted here on blogger. I also like blogging and eagerly blog about the issues, especially as they affect the working class. My music can be found on all digital websites including Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Pandora.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Getting Rid of Tinnitus

How I Got Rid of My Tinnitus

I woke up one morning and something felt strange on the right side of my face, and I thought hat I was coming down with a cold so I protected my neck kept on warm clothes and drank a few cups of warm tea. It wasn't until 3 days later when I felt like there was wind in my ear the I realized that there was problem with my ear. I immediately called a few ear nose and throat hospitals, but  to my chagrin they either kept me too long on hold or didn't pick up at all. I decided to try another day. On march 1 2019,  I was outside when I heard this boom in my ear, and I was like: "Is that my ear? No it's the cars. But I think I should have realized it wasn't the cars because I have been outside all the time and I have never had that problem.

 I thought I should go to the emergency room but I was hesitant because it would be in the night time and was doubtful that there would be an audiologist there to take care of me. I decided to tough it out until Monday, a weekday that I could go to the ear nose and throat hospital. On Sunday March 3, 2019  I experienced the first sustained onset of banging in my ear. The noise was so loud and sustained, i couldn't sleep and so I was up for  hours pacing the floor and being panicky I called 911. My ear just would not stop banging or driving. It sounded like a car going 80 miles an hour just going, going non stop, except for the occasional plops which sounds like that when your blue tooth equipment is looking to be connected to your computer.  It eventually went away around 2 am in the morning while at the hospital. Needless to say the hospital released me at 3:00 am in the morning. Needless to say they claim they had no specialist there and didn't want to give me any medication for fear it might worsen the condition.

On March 4, 2019 I went to the ENT hospital. Little did I know that these hospitals have converted to clinics that close at 4:00 clock in the evening and that people with hearing issues can't just walk in on an emergency basis because they will not be taken. So I showed up at the hospital and was firmly told to make an appointment to be seen sometime in May of 2019 or go across the street to the emergency section of their affiliate hospital. This I did. It turned out that they had no Otolaryngology doctor there either. They did nothing for me and  referred me back to ENT hospital. So I came home and the next day I called for an appointment. They had given me a referral and to told me to tell them about it.  However,  that wasn't good enough. NO they could not squeeze me in for an appointment anywhere I should have to schedule an appointment to be seen in May of 2019. I called around even to get an appoint from a doctor than that I had seen one time back in 2016. His office too think I should wait for ever. I did get an appointment with a private doctor for March 7, 2019.

When I was 19 years old I developed ringing in my ear because I was on a plane that was about to land and I didn't know that I should keep my head down to prevent air bubbles from building up in my ear. It took several years to disappear. The ringing in my ear at that time was very minor, or  nothing that would cause me to panic. The most time I heard the small bell chimes was at bedtime in reclining and the sounds were barely audible. If you have ever seen the movie "Sound of Music" and saw the little boy bouncing up and down the bell tongue in ringing it,  you will understand the intervals between each ring that was sustained in my ear at that time. The decibels, however, were next to nothing in comparison...meaning they were much, much softer.

On Monday after I came back from the second Emergency room after running the water while brushing my teeth my ear started to bang. I though it was because I had my mouth opened wide again I was panicked it just would not stop. Finally I laid down and began to speak gibberish to block out the sound. I also began humming and I noticed it was subsiding and I continued for about ten minutes and I could not believe it finally subsided. So you think that talking gibberish and lullaby's is a solution. No because when it came on the next night I tried the gibberish, lullaby thing and it didn't help. But around 20 minutes later I was just talking to myself to block it out while trying to fall asleep and wallah! it stopped. I was flabbergasted, I was like what just happened?

Here is what I continue to go through: My own voice jars it a little, people talking next to me sound like they are screaming in my ear. The tap water running sets off the banging or if its already on makes it worst.  So there are three different frequencies of sound that I am experiencing. There is boom, boom boom!, then there is the one that sounds like a race car driving, a plane or like the air conditioner just going and going and also the blue tooth connecting sound pop, pops! Still none of this problem as described was important enough for me to be seen on an emergency basis by Otolaryngology doctor  at the ENT hospitals. I eventually managed to get an appointment with an Otolaryngology doctor in another day or so. So I will see how that goes. But in the mean time just think of the ENT health care and how they operate. To them no matter what your explanation problems with your hearing is not important.

I began writing this post on March 6, 2019 because the buzzing had stopped and I was excited. However, I heard it slowly beginning to come back and I walked way.  It stopped for a while on 3-7-2019. But as soon as I entered the Otolaryngology office it started buzzing again. After testing the doctor told me that I had some slight hearing loss and suggested  a high potency supplement called  Laflavanoids which is supposedly good for the inner. I was excited, so I ordered and took them right away. After my first dose my ear never stopped ringing and continued nonstop stop for a bout three weeks.  Remember now that as I was saying before my ear would stop ringing for several hours at a time.  Of course i never took another one of those pills after that. They cost $26.00.

I was at my wits end then I stared blocking the noise by placing my hand on my temple and repeating 1000-1, 1000-2 etc for 3-10 minutes at time sometimes and I notice that it began to lower the sound. I will also mention that I was also drinking a lot of green tea, which is know to contain bioflavenoids a nutrient that is good for the inner ear.  If the Green Tea did help then it means that one size does not fit all and that is  why the hi potency kind made my condition worst. Any way, around March 31, 2019, I realize that I  couldn't hear it and was able to sleep and wake up in the night without feeling panicky.

Today April 16, 2016 its almost as if its not there anymore. I really have to lean in to hear it, and I am able to finally finish writing this post. I have changed the original title: The The Day My Ear Began to Behave like the Westminster Chime. To Getting Rid of Tinnitus.

 It turned out that Otolartngology practitioner was wrong about my condition being permanent. The lesson here is to believe and be optimistic and never be afraid to try anything. I know it sound weird that the gibberish, the lullaby and the second counts and the green tea could have solve the problem but it did for me. Thank God.  I am still keeping my fingers crossed and trying to keep my ear away from loud noises or any further damage by wearing ear plugs.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Motifs, Idioms and Pop Music

Song Writing Tips

WpressHow to use motifs, symmetry, melisma and other song writing elements to bring out the prosody of your song.
The song  attached: Castle In The Sky has many of the elements important to song writing, such as motif, melisma, idiom, symmetry, asymmetry, repetition and metaphor... many of which are personifications or giving human qualities to things

An example of a metaphor in Castle in the Sky is: "lounge in my private space." whereas the term private space is a metaphor for mind.  Personification "my courage is hooked on moving slow."
The song begins with a melisma on the word feelings.
The song usually have a variety of motifs which  are often repeated as themselves or sometimes tweaked, thus adding symmetry and contrast to the piece.

Songs also have rhymes schemes. The rhyme schemes depends on the writer and how he chooses to contrast the lines that comprise the verses.

The style of Castle In The Sky is pop. The song form is verse, verse, chorus bridge, chorus. This song form is one of the more common song forms. In addition, the song  has sixteen bars. Songs usually have the same number of bars in each verse chorus and bridge. So if this was an eight bar song it would have an eight bar verse, eight bar chorus, and an eight bar bridge. The tessitura or range of Castle In The Sky is an octave and a fifth.

The bridge of a song in general has to be different in style and melody from the verse and the chorus. The bridge often brings the theme of the song to its resolution.

See if you can spot more of these elements in this song, and if so you are welcome to note them as comments here.

The Heart's Unrest

I am a classically trained musician. I write and sing in genres such as Jazz/ Blues, Pop, Slow Rock and Reggae. I have a Bachelors Degree in Music and Education, and a Masters Degree in Urban Studies. My instruments are voice, piano and guitar.

My latest release “Castle In The Sky” was released in January of 2019 and is now available in iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora and many other online stores where digital music is sold.

Castle In The Sky tells a story about love and uncertainty in love or loving with unwillingness to act on ones feeling. Ultimately, it speaks to why it might not be prudent to act on ones feelings in certain circumstances. The song has sixteen bar verses and as a result, it is typical that both the chorus and the bridge would also have sixteen bars respectively. The melody underscores the prosody of the lyrics. Both are engaging as they keep you focused on the protagonist’s conflict. From the outset the lyrics get your attention and maintains it throughout as it cycles through the verses, and chorus. Each sub-title uses literal terms as well as metaphors in order to bring the listener to the climax of story. The bridge which begins with: “I feel my heart’s unrest…” brings the song to its resolution which is, that the love story being told is simply in thoughts rather than deeds and therefore just a fantasy in the mind of the protagonists.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Cotton Moiré

No Room For Comfort

A silver coat across your back
A tiny chest: a treasure
Some violets in ceramic ware
And fixtures to your floor
Your Cotton Moiré I stitched long
And lovelier the window pane
The blues on greens are beautiful
To eyes that chose to see
A Chrysanthemum, a patch of leaves
Scenic is the view
I too an icon on your chest
A fixture in scene

Sometimes your ceiling head
Vibrating cause my ear to quiver
As neighbor’s feet syncopate
Like wooden sticks on steel
Drums beating time above my head
Nighttime, noontime, early dawn
Holds me in a wakened nightmare
With their demonic hammering,
In you I speak in tongues that call
These foreigners’ restless beasts
I adorned you for my pleasure room
Comfort my endeavor and there is
Never a dull moment within your walls

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Promoting Your Music, Digital Websites

Can digital music promotion websites really give your music exposure?

I have simply been disappointed that they aren't what they purport to be. For instance, the one i am registered actually has a platform where as you can pay to have your song rated. This to me it is the same as buying stars, and I find that element of being asked to purchase stars abhorrent. I simply prefer to earn them genuinely.  They also tell you post your music on the overrated Facebook. Ultimately, the question becomes what am I paying them for if i have to still do personal promotions. One of the worst money grabbing pitch for me was the fact hat they wanted a specified additional amount which would be applied when a new digital music store becomes available.  So if a new music distributor never becomes available I would be out that money and they would line their pockets.