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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Cotton Moiré

This song speaks to the struggles of women. In that, it speaks to how women continue to fight to position themselves, for society, as intelligent and capable, even as it is well known that many women have out performed men in a variety of roles. Nevertheless, women's quantitative successes in the business world have continually lagged behind that of men.


In the song, Innocence, I use metaphors to speak to my own struggles as a woman and a person of color who is still in the struggle for equality and recognition.



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No Room For Comfort

A silver coat across your back
A tiny chest: a treasure
Some violets in ceramic ware
And fixtures to your floor
Your Cotton Moiré I stitched long
And lovelier the window pane
The blues on greens are beautiful
To eyes that chose to see
A Chrysanthemum, a patch of leaves
Scenic is the view
I too an icon on your chest
A fixture in the scene

Sometimes your ceiling head
Vibrating cause my ear to quiver
As neighbor’s feet syncopate
Like wooden sticks on steel
Drums beating time above my head
Nighttime, noontime, early dawn
Holds me in a wakened nightmare
With their demonic hammering,
In you I speak in tongues that call
These foreigners’ restless beasts
I adorned you for my pleasure room
Comfort my endeavor and there is
Never a dull moment within your walls

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