Monday, February 14, 2022

The Importance of Musicianship


  Sight reading music on an instrument is not the same as sight reading, but the skill of being able to hear a piece in your head before you play it is important. Reading music on an instrument means producing rhythms and notes correctly , and you must be able to her the music in your head and know where is going in order to ply musically. Dictation: Your ability to write down what you hear is a very useful skill. For example you can write down your own music for others to play. Once do this you don't have to explain it every time someone else wants to learn it. You can also write down music you hear and would like to remember. However, the most important reason to learn dictation is to sharpen your skills in listening. good musicianship require the ability to listen yourself and to others. 

 The attached song is one that my skills in musicianship has helped me to navigate.

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