Off The Wall

 Off The Wall                                  By Gloria Cameron

The silver coat you wear
   The Violets in your hair,
The knick-knack everywhere,
      Were chosen:
For blue, and green are beautiful
      To who choose to see.
A chrysanthemum a patch of leaves
      Underneath my toes,
I too lay on your chest
     An icon in the scene,
Your shimmering open fabric I tatted long
    To shade me me from the sun,
And keep me from my Freudian hell
   Oh how speak in tongues!
When the dip-pity, dancing beast
   Hunts in his empty space
And papa stealthy stilts
sound like creaking hinge
And the hairy underling's remarks
  causes my dreams to end
 As the caged bird
   Flap her mighty wings
 All these scenes so heavy on my head
I couldn't resist Cinderella’s slippers

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